Our Services

Be your liaisons to first responders before, during and after a disaster to help improve plans and establish a solid working relationship.


Establish Emergency Action Plans based on your needs and mentor you in becoming proficient in implementing them.

Train your own first responder volunteers to be a community "Disaster Response Team", whether that is a lost child, a natural disaster such as a tornado, or render aid to an injured person while waiting for professional first responders to arrive.


Teach you the necessary skills to make you more aware of risks and threats so you can avoid them. The best preparedness skills are avoidance and prevention when possible.

Assist you in purchasing the necessary supplies and gear to give you the confidence and ability to overcome the hardships we all face in trying times and remain anonymous in your purchases.


Assist you in applying for grants to offset the out of pocket costs for purchasing the necessary tools, supplies and equipment necessary to maintain your quality of life and perform lifesaving aid to those around you.